Movies in the teaching of International Relations

the Brazilian experience




This article investigates how movies have been used as an IR pedagogical tool in Brazil. Through a survey research method, with voluntary and unidentified participation of respondents, we mapped when films are used and why, the judgment on the successfulness of performed activities, and the difficulties to use them. Data confirmed that films are widely employed; that the main purposes of using movies are to provide additional information and to illustrate how a given IR theory or school explain the world; and that limits of using films go from the lack of adequate films to the absence of adequate resources for their exhibition.


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Biografia do Autor

Cristine Koehler Zanella, Universidade Federal do ABC

Professor of International Relations at Federal University of ABC (Sao Paolo - Brazil) and Research associate in the Faculty of Law and Social Communication, Department of Public Law at Universidad Bernardo OHiggins (Chile). Doctor in Political Sciences (Ghent University - Belgium) and Doctor in International Strategic Studies (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil). Graduated in Law and in Economics and Master in Latin American Integration (Federal University of Santa Maria – Brazil).

Edson José Neves Junior, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia





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Koehler Zanella, C., & Neves Junior, E. J. (2021). Movies in the teaching of International Relations: the Brazilian experience. Carta Internacional, 16(3), e1174.