T-TIP against the wall: feasibility, resistance, and consequences for third countries

Ana Paula Tostes


The objective of the article is to analyze the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) as a new model of international agreements, the reasons for resistance and the consequences for third countries that are dependent on trade with the United States and the European Union (EU). Special attention is given to the relationship between Brazil and the EU in the context of this new trend of trade partnerships. Using a theoretical approach based on neoliberal institutionalism (KEOHANE, 2005; KEOHANE, NYE, 1989, 2002), the article presents a historical overview of the transatlantic negotiations and a critical analysis of the innovative aspects it brings. Even considering the potential unfeasibility of the T-TIP, it must be understood as part of a new generation of trade and investments (BALDWIN, 2011, 2008). Similar to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, the T-TIP aims to introduce a robust regulatory framework that would affect multilateralism. These “big treaties” include commitments that are not covered by the World Trade Organization and mandates that are not traditionally attributed to international institutions. Therefore, they bring to light new elements in international trends that are yet to be fully understood. 


T-TIP, international relations, European Union, United States, Brazil.

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