"Carta Internacional" Journal is dedicated to the publication of scientific papers related to international relations field. Its main objective is to promote qualified intellectual debate about fundamental issues of international relations that affect or are affected by Brazil.

The Journal was created in 1993 by the International Research Center of USP (University of São Paulo), and since 2011 it is under responsibility of Brazilian International Relations Association.

Carta Internacional publishes papers in Portuguese and in English that have relevant contributions to development of the international relations study in Brazil.

The rules for paper submission are available in

Conditions to submit a paper:

1.the article must be unpublished and may not be being evaluated by another journal. Otherwise, it must be justified in “Comments to the Editor”.

2.the file must be in Microsoft Word, Open Office or RTF format. inform, when necessary, the URL for the bibliography references.

4.the article format must observe: single-space;  12-point size font; use italic rather than underlinning (except in URL); pictures and tables need to be inserted in the text, not in the end of the paper.

5. the text must follow the style patterns and bibliographic requirements that are informed in "Diretrizes para Autores", on page "Sobre a Revista".

6.   if the author is submitting a paper for a section with peer review, please check if all the instructions available in "Assegurando uma avaliação por pares cega" were followed.


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